Why you should try the Everest Inn Kent Nepalese Cuisine?

Everest Inn Kent Nepalese Cuisine is not just an ‘any restaurant’. It is a place that offers you only the finest, most flavourful and fresh local dishes that you can only find in Nepal.

What makes Everest Inn Kent Different?

Nepalese food is distinct and Delicious. It is a blend of Tibetan, Indian, and Chinese cuisines. The use of fresh spices, herbs, and vegetables give the dishes their flavour. Most of the dishes are prepared in a Tandoor (a clay oven).

As soon as you step into the restaurant, you’ll be transported to a different world. The restaurant is spacious and family-run, with traditional Nepalese art and furniture. The menu is extensive and includes both Nepalese and Indian dishes. But what makes the Everest Inn stand out is its focus on local Nepalese cuisine.

Nepalese Cuisine - Everest Inn Kent

Nepalese food is often overshadowed by its more well-known Indian counterpart. But if you’re looking for something different, you should definitely give Nepalese food a try. And what better place to do so than at the Everest Inn Kent?

The Everest Inn Kent prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients, many of which are sourced from local farms. So not only will you get to try some delicious food, but you’ll also be supporting local businesses.

Some of the must-try dishes at the Everest Inn Kent include momos (Nepalese dumplings), aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower curry), and lamb korma (lamb curry). And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try Majhi Dai Fish Curry. Whatever you order, you’re sure to get an exciting dish with plenty of flavour and authenticity.

No matter what you choose to eat, you’re sure to have a delicious and authentic Nepalese experience. So don’t be afraid to try something new – you might just find your new favourite dish!

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